How do I access books from the Art & Music Library?


The Art & Music Library is currently closed because of the hail remediation work on the building. We will provide updates throughout this process. 

You will continue to have access to subject specialist staff at the Chifley Library. A range of reference and highly used resources from the art and music collections have been relocated and are accessible at the Chifley Library.

As of 20 May 2024, we have ceased regular retrievals for safety reasons while the Art & Music Library is an active building site. If you require materials that are currently located in the Art & Music Library, please contact artmusic.library@anu.edu.au. We will endeavour to acquire e-copies, source them from other locations, or work with you to find alternate resources. Be aware that it will take additional time to acquire items.

Please contact library staff if you have any queries.


Created date: Dec 13, 2023

Date of last update: May 22, 2024

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