My computer won’t recognise RIS files as belonging to EndNote.


This means that your computer’s file associations have not been set up.  


  1. Right-click an RIS file and select Properties. 

  1. In the pop up window it should have a field called 'Opens with' and there should be a 'change' button 

  1. In this window, scroll down to EndNote and select it and click OK. 

Windows 11

  1. Right-click the start button and select Settings 

  1. Select Apps from the Panel on the left and then Default Apps from the centre menu 

  1. Scroll to the very bottom and select 'Choose Defaults by file type'

  1. Select RIS from the file type list 

  1. Select EndNote from the pop-up list 

  1. Click “OK” to save.  

Further instructions are available on LifeWire.


  1. Right click on the RIS file and select Get Info 

  1. Scroll down to 'Open with' and select 'Other' (unless EndNote is already visible in the list) 

  1. Scroll through until you find EndNote20, then click Add.  

  1. Click 'Change all' to update all files of that type.  


Created date: Sep 20, 2023

Date of last update: Oct 03, 2023

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